Shiseido The Collagen Beauty Japan (3 box x 126 )








Shiseido The Collagen Japan 3 box x 126 tablets ( for 3 month about)

Low molecular fish collagen 1,000mg,
Eucommia tea, Korean ginseng Coix, Amla fruit extract, Yuzu Seed Extract,
GABA, Hyaluronic acid, Ceramide, Ornithine, Vitamin C,
and Royal Jelly

How to use:

Enjoy water with 6 tablets a day! Avoid intake of more than necessary, please observe the daily measure of volume.
Be careful avoid Food allergy.


Low molecular fish collagen 1,000 mg,
Vitamin C 50 mg,
Hyaluronic acid 5 mg,
Ceramide 600 mg,
GABA 28 mg, Ornithine 28 mg,
Royal Jelly 50 mg,
Protein 1.1 g, Lipid 0.069 g,
Carbohydrate 0.62 g, Sodium 11 mg
and Energy 7.2 kcal
/per 1 day (6 tablets)

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